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It's a new world - a virtual world. With new rules, new settings, new conditions - a completely new environment.

Producing information on the Internet has many things in common with old-fashion publishing, but many things also differ.
For example, the way the viewer acts differs, as does
his attention span. There is also differences on the technical side when producing online information. Interactivity, speed, links - key words in web publishing that you won't meet in traditional media.

On the other hand, things that are specific for printed media, e.g. best image resolution, paper quality, are completely irrelevant when it comes to web pages.

If you are not on the Internet you don't exist

A harsh statement, but today, the truth of it becomes more and more evident. Where do you, yourself, first search for information? About that new camcorder, for an expert in yoga, or for that address where you will be driving for the first time tomorrow?

Unlimited space in cyberspace

On your own web site you have virtually unlimited space for your information. You do not have to limit yourself to those 4 or 8 pages of your printed brochure. If you feel that your customers need extensive information in an area - make a new sub-site with that information. And from your web site your customers can reach you, instantly, 24-7. They don't have to wait for office hours for an answer if you have anticipated the questions and put the information up on your site. Look at this as an extended service to your customers. They will be grateful and come back for more. And that's what you want, isn't it?

Your product information, price lists, manuals and news letters are available for everyone - or if you prefer - for a select few, at all times.
Your customers can ask for quotes, direct questions to the right party or search in your product database. The information on the Internet is available instantly, the moment you upload it, and it is there all day and all night.

Change with the new world

The information on the Internet is easy to update and maintain, it is always up-to-date. No expensive reprints when you get a new digit in your phone number or when the postal service decides to change your P.O. box number. The flexibility of a web site is only limited by the human mind.
And you don't have to wait until the complete web site is finally design and ready to use. Look at a web site as a work in progress. What is needed today can be expanded, changed or rebuilt tomorrow.

Domain registration & web hotel

When you have built your web site you probably want others to be able to view it. What you need then is a domain name and a web hotel. We can help you with both.

Other uses for the web technique

Today there are many other uses for the web technique than mainly Internet publishing. We use the web techniques to develop online help systems for computer applications and web services.
The help system or online documentation can be distributed via intranets, extranets, Internet or on a CD pr DVD.