Technical information

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The main focus of Razzmatazz is to develop and produce information and technical documentation; often in the form of manuals, user guides, handbooks, data sheets, online help systems for computer applications, or other types of information that the user may need to use a product or service efficiently and easily.
Our perspective always originates in the end user, regardless if she's an engineer or the guy next door.

Related areas are information services, marketing and presentation material in the business to business field.
We deliver anything from a short copy text to a complete web site or a entire marketing concept - completed, printed, packaged and delivered to the customer or user.
No job is too small or to large for us.

The effectiveness and competitive edge of a company may very well depend on the communicative skills of the personnel, the channels of communication and the simplicity and correctness of the information flowing between different parties.

In a world where the competition is hard and the global contacts increase on a daily basis, the art of communication becomes more vital by the minute.
Communication with colleagues, customers and contractors. Communication with people from other organizations, other countries, other cultural environments - Communication without misconceptions and misunderstandings. Communication that bridges the gap between different languages, customs and continents.

Companies involved in technical processes and services  - for them the information may not only be important in terms of competition - it may be vital in order to deliver the products in a safe and legal way without health hazards. Technical descriptions must be understood! They must be trustworthy, dependable and give a sense of high quality.
User guides, manuals, data sheets, sales material - all the documentation around a technical product or service should communicate confidence to the user; confidence to be able to handle the product, to use the service, to experience the improvements in the process.

Design and layout is of course an integrated part of all this; as is language and image. We combine them all in a package which invites the recipient to buy, use and be satisfied with the product or service.